The secret to successful blogging is choosing the right niche. If you have the niche, you are comfortable working in, you will never get bored blogging and making money. It’s imperative to know how to select the correct article topics. While there are thousands of issues and things to talk about, it’s effective to narrow your niche from general to a specific sub-niche. In case you are looking for blog ideas that make money, you’re in the right place.


10 Blog Ideas That Make Money

1) Food blogs

Food has always been popular with many people. Whether it’s about recipes, where to eat, the best cafes in town, or food to eat when you are on a diet, people would enjoy this type of blog.


2) Travel blogs

Who wouldn’t want to travel and experience unimaginable things? Travel blogs make money in a couple of ways. You can publish articles about tourist spots, promote hotels and accommodations, create how-to guides, and so on. There’s much freedom and money in travel blogs.


3) Investment blogs

People want to find out ways on how they can grow their savings. If you start an investment blog, you will earn from readers interested in stocks, savings, bonds, crypto, forex, etc. Make sure you have researched and know this topic inside-out.


4) Pet blogs

Pets are a man’s best friend. It’s not just dogs anymore. Target people who have pets. Talk about how to take care of dogs and cats. Recommend veterinarians in your area. Show them the list of pet food. Be passionate about advising pet owners when you start making pet blogs.


5) DIY blogs

You have so many options when you do DIY blogs. There are numerous things you can write about while earning–how to fix a broken door on your own, how to renovate your kitchen, how to make pots using your materials, and so on.


6) How-to-make-money blogs

Aside from investment blogs, many people in the world want to learn how to make money online. If you target this audience, you will earn from reviews, and you will get to know how you can generate income online.


7) Parenting blogs

Parents go online to learn more about how they can be good parents to their children. Parenting blogs are one of the examples of blogs that makes money because of this reason. Come up with exciting topics for parents and earn a nice living by targeting this audience.


8) Lifestyle blogs

This blog is for people who want to make out most of their lives. Lifestyle blogs can be about building a better home for your family, switching for more affordable living, and so on.


9) Fashion blogs

Fashion is always a popular topic, and trends are constantly changing. You can write as many topics as you want regarding fashion and never run out of things to write about.


10) Mental health blogs

Finally, mental health blogs are popular today. You can focus your blog on how to take care of one’s mental health, things to do to reduce anxiety and stress, and so on.

Make More Money Blogging

So far, these are the best blog ideas that make money.

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