Social influence examples are everywhere you look. Watching a movie, or TV, or surfing the internet, you see your favorite celebrities. What’s it with celebrities that we can’t get enough of? In this article, I’ll be talking about three important informational social influence examples that these celebrities have.


Branching Out of Comfort Zones

Believe it or not, but not all celebrities are born to be actors or singers. Some, if not most, took years before they mastered the art of acting and singing in front of cameras. This perseverance is also evident in their private lives, as they usually do things outside of acting.

They want to be much more than just actors or singers – they want to be known as talented people. What does this mean for the average person? That even celebrities have to step out of their comfort zones, just like us. You will learn a lot about yourself when you do.

Apply moving out of your comfort zone to your business and marketing. If you have a product or service that you know will help people, don’t be shy about it! Put yourself out there. Prepare yourself for the unexpected, positive response you receive.


Celebrities Advertise Themselves, Not Just Their Movies

We’ve seen celebrities market their projects and movies. A takeaway from these advertisements is that they are not only advertising the product, but they also advertise and market their selves. After all, they are the reason why the movie or concert is sought out!

If you can apply that to everything you can do, you should get more people interested in what you sell. Start with something lighthearted about yourself before fully transitioning to the product/business itself. This way, you will build an authentic connection with the people you are speaking with.


Celebrities are Confident with Everything They Do

This one is the most important thing to learn from celebrities. They are confident with everything they do, no matter how big or small scale it is. Even if it’s something that they aren’t prepared for, they give their best to make sure their act is flawless.

As individuals are driven by emotion, we make mistakes and lapses in judgment when we are in doubt. Sometimes we have good ideas, but we cut them off because we don’t believe in ourselves enough. Because of that, many ideas die and get forgotten. Some become missed opportunities that get discovered by somebody else.

Be confident! Of course, that is easier to say than do, but having confidence and pride in the things you do will go a long way when building yourself, your business, or anything you want to do.

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I look forward to hearing about your social media success!

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