The best abandoned cart subject line examples will help you capture the attention of someone who didn’t complete a sale. In a digital world, it makes sense for shops, businesses, and corporations to sell their items on a digital platform. The end goal is for you to sell your products to make a profit. However, many people visiting your website leave before checking out anything. This can be a source of profit loss.

When these things happen, you can bring out a secret weapon—abandoned cart emails. Many people will delete emails, except the ones with an urgent or catchy subject heading. The best-abandoned cart subject lines are those that use a careful tone, one that entices the reader to go back and check out a product from your website.

7 of the Best Abandoned Cart Subject Line Examples

#1 Get Straight to the Point

Email subject lines may be formal or business-like. This reason is probably why most people avoid emails with wordy subject lines. If you want people to read your message, go for a heading that will grab their attention instantly. Instead of saying, “You will miss this once-in-a-lifetime chance to grab this item for less,” use “Your favorite item is on sale today.”


#2 Sound Personal

People like it when a company sounds like they care about them. Use language that is close to the heart, or at least sounds like you’re in a conversation with them. “Your favorite item is on sale today” talks about an item they like, which adds an aura of closeness to the email.


#3 Make Them Curious About What’s Inside

Sometimes, it works to use subject lines like “We think you forgot to do something…” It creates a sense of urgency and forces the reader to open the email. If they want the item on their cart, then that could secure you a purchase!


#4 Mention Free Shipping or Discounts

People like it when they can get items at reduced prices, or if they can get them without having to pay for shipping. When you can offer these things, send out emails to those who have items remaining on their cart. By alerting potential customers to deals like this, they may be more inclined to make a purchase.


#5 Mention the Product or Service You’re Offering

Sometimes, people tend to forget that they need to purchase something from your website. A simple reminder can do the trick. Something like “Your new massage chair is still in your basket” can help potential customers return to your website and check out their items.


#6 Talk About How Simple The Checkout Process Is

There are also times when customers get side-tracked. If you have a subject that goes “Check out your items in minutes,” this can help them get back on track. Make sure to keep the email short so that they read the whole thing.


#7 Use Your Brand Name

When the time comes that you have built a following, try to go with “Your (Brand Name) items are waiting for you!” Remind them that they are a couple of steps away from enjoying your excellent products and services.

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