Business Plan - A plan or a plan to fail?
Running a Business is a Challenge

Just running your business is a challenge in today’s world.

With all the noise and confusion about what to do and when to do it. It’s enough to drive a sane man crazy.

And you are a business owner – you have already shown you’re not sane at all. You are an entrepreneur and willing to do what most people are not. Congratulations.

Keeping your current clients is critical to your success.

Yes, you know this already. but how do you do that?

Of course, providing great products and services is a great start. Building a relationship with them is the real key to long lasting sustained businesses.

So there is an opportunity for your to explore – how can you build better relationships with your existing client base? What is the best way to communicate with them?

This is what we call “relationship marketing” and is all about building and strengthening your connections with your existing clients. We work with you to discover ways to help your clients feel as important as they are to you. From your website to how your phones calls are handled and how your billing is done. We look at everything to keep your clients happy and at home with you.

Getting more quality clients to increase your revenue.

 This is where more traditional marketing comes in – getting you exposed to your prospective clients and then helping them take the next step and connect with you. The right kind of clients will accelerate your revenue growth and build your referral network. This plays into relationship marketing as well since a happy client will tell their friends about their experiences. (Of course so will unhappy clients, but we work with you to limit these.)

Does your experience tell you that successful marketing should ultimately increase your bottom-line revenue?

Our experience does. There are other “clues” that successful marketing plans leave as well – increased website and or foot traffic, more email subscribers (your list), more requests for information, and a higher or faster conversion rate to name a few. All of these, at least if they have been done right,  ultimately should lead to more sales. Right?

Otherwise, what’s the point?

The Strategic Marketing Group was established to solve these frequently recurring marketing challenges for local business owners and professional service providers:

  • How do we grow our client base on an ongoing basis?
  • How do we improve our prospective to client conversion rate?
  • Which methods should we be using and how do we best implement them?

Experience tells us the answers these questions begins with who your are serving today.


Art Remnet founder The Strategic Marketing Group
Art Remnet founder The Strategic Marketing Group

Hi, I’m Art Remnet and I’ve been a business consultant and coach for the more than 20 years working with multinational corporations, technology companies, government agencies, and professional service providers. Prior to jumping into the consulting world I developed database applications and built websites when FrontPage was a breakthrough in web design and Dreamweaver was the flagship product of a little company named Macromedia.

Today, I primarily work with local business leaders, professional service providers, and solopreneurs to build and solidify their client relationships, grow their revenues, and strengthen their market positions. Through education, coaching, and our 7 Step Market Planning system, these organizations are able to reach new revenue levels while building strong relationships with their clients and customers. I love making a difference, so contact me today and let’s see how the Strategic Marketing Group can do the same for your company.

Are you ready?

If you believe your organization can benefit from the experience and systems we have in place, the systems that literally walk you through the steps to successfully market your enterprise in today’s world, then we need to talk soon. If you would like to experience firsthand marketing that flat-out works, contact me today.