Toxic People
Toxic people are not good to keep around, any more than these critters.

We all know toxic people.

They like to gossip as a sport, spread their misery around, and of course exaggerate to the point of lying. These people tend to leave us drained and feeling like we just want to get away.

Small Business Trends recently posted an article on the effects of toxic people in our lives and how to break away from them. I love the way this paragraph sums up the challenge:

Successful, happy, likable people tend to be able to set boundaries better than others and are good at speaking up for themselves in a respectful yet firm fashion. For others, especially some who are highly sensitive, it can be a real struggle to set boundaries using assertive speech.

Take a few moments and read about the 7 strategies to break away from toxic people and see if you need to do some work on the people you’re around day to day.

I’d love to hear that you think about toxic people and how you have dealt with them. Please share below.

Use your boundaries to keep your focus and direction!

Art Remnet - The Strategic Marketing Group


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