Could you be addicted to your phone?
Could you be addicted to your phone?

Yes, I admit that I am addicted to a few things that, well let’s just say, are less than desirable.

Addictions don’t have to be to alcohol, sex, drugs, gambling, or coffee. For example, I enjoy watching both college and pro football. Opening weekend about destroys my productivity. If I stay away I’m good to go just getting scores from my favorite teams. But if the TV goes on, I am hard pressed to walk away from a good game. I have to face facts, I’m an addict.

And while it’s not porn, it is still a huge time suck and productivity distraction. Plus it replaces things that I have prioritized that time to do. Some will say this is a lack of discipline or a weakness. But, I submit that it’s bigger than that in my case.

Addictions are hard to see in ourselves but identifying them is critical to our physical and mental well being. According to many addiction specialists, addictions are not healthy for us, even if the activity starts out with good intentions, like exercise, social media, texting, or even running our business. As professionals and business owners, we need to be careful to find balance in our lives along with building and maintaining our businesses.

So what are your addictions? Do you get sucked into Facebook or Pinterest for hours on end? Are you a chronic researcher who is always looking for more and better information, while never getting back to completing the project that sent you on the research journey?

I can relate.

It’s hard to figure out what we are addicted to, let alone take steps to accept or change our habits. This article may help you. It has brought awareness to me.

Let me know in the comments below what you do battle with and how you make progress against your addiction(s).

Moving your and your business forward!

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PS – Addictions can be serious matters. The first step is to recognize whatever it is as an addiction, and then take steps to correct the root causes. Serious additions require professional help. If you think your are addicted to anything, please seek professional help.

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