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Art Remnet

Your Business & Fresh Herbs

Fresh Herbs & Doing What We Do Well…Because

I read an interesting post by Seth Godin today titled Fresh Herbs. In it he talks about why restaurants don’t use fresh herbs and that it comes down to industrialization and profit margins. Seth goes on to point out how this relates to us and how we choose to do business. We may not ever […]

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Social media management tips

Social Media Management Tips

Today, the importance of social media engagement goes beyond branding, schedule posts, and launch announcements. You have to monitor your accounts, acknowledge when someone ‘likes,’ comments, or ask questions. Remember that these are platforms that thrive through your engagement. Reputation management is vital, so being aware of what is being said about you and your […]

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Social Influence Examples

5 Social Influence Examples and How They Affect Us Daily

These social influence examples at their root are how people might behave depending on the social environment in which they are situated. An individual’s attitude may change depending on the person’s inclination to adjust to a social group or stand out. A personal belief and thought process can change, which affects a person’s adopted behavioral […]

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Social Influence Seen in Social Media

Types of Social Influence Seen in Social Media

Social influence is seen in social media every day. Given that, people are influenced by the people around them. As can be seen, they are likely to do what society deems correct or appropriate. For instance, when individuals move to a new town, they are then likely to change their behavior to what the locals […]

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Social Influence on Marketing

What is Social Influence on Marketing and How Do I Use It?

Use the power of social influence on marketing your business. We have all been in a spot where we wished we were as famous and rich as celebrities. But what if there is a key to become just that minus the celebrity part? After all, not everyone wants to be famous. Most of us want […]

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5. How Does Social Influence Marketing Work?

How Does Social Influence Marketing Work

Social influence marketing is a specific form of communication. It focuses on the theory that some influential individuals can impact many other people, typically their followers. Influencer marketing is the top advertising tool that many companies include in their marketing strategies. It appears on popular social media platforms, for example, on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. […]

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Social Influence Examples

3 Social Influence Examples and Why We Like Celebrities

Social influence examples are everywhere you look. Watching a movie, or TV, or surfing the internet, you see your favorite celebrities. What’s it with celebrities that we can’t get enough of? In this article, I’ll be talking about three important informational social influence examples that these celebrities have.   Branching Out of Comfort Zones Believe […]

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What Is A Customer Engagement Model?

What Is a Customer Engagement Model?

What is a customer engagement model? Have you heard that term or phrase before? If you haven’t, you’re not alone! I will break it down for you today.   What is the Customer Engagement Model? A customer engagement model maintains interaction with your customers. In other words, it is the process you use to communicate […]

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Use Email Template To Get More Subscribers

Use an Email List Template to Get More Subscribers Today

Do you use an email list template to get more subscribers? Businesses are built on their customers. When a company creates a strong relationship with its clients, it will thrive. Constant communication is vital to strengthen a business relationship to develop a connection between the business and its clientele. Once the owner builds on that […]

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How To Start An Email List From Scratch

How to Start an Email List From Scratch

Do you know how to start an email list from scratch to grow your business and revenue? Many brands establish customer loyalty by providing valuable content. However, new entrepreneurs may not know how to start an email list. Though there are many ways to do this, email marketing is one of the most effective and […]

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