When You Feel Stressed. Do This

We all get overwhelmed and stressed from time to time. And in many cases it’s this stress that pushes us over that last hurdle to reaching our objective. But… And that is a big but, living in this state all the time is not good for our health or taking care of business. So what […]

Could you be addicted to your phone?

Are you Addicted?

Yes, I admit that I am addicted to a few things that, well let’s just say, are less than desirable. Addictions don’t have to be to alcohol, sex, drugs, gambling, or coffee. For example, I enjoy watching both college and pro football. Opening weekend about destroys my productivity. If I stay away I’m good to […]

Are you even able to take a vacation?

Time off for mental health?

As professionals and business owners we tend to be thinking about our business a lot. Maybe too much. Vacations in the U.S. are not mandated as they are in Europe (4 weeks of paid vacation minimum in EU countries). Do the Europeans know something we don’t? At least it’s something to think about. Here’s a […]

Time to take a break!

Time for a Quick Break?

Every once and a while having a little fun is a good thing. It helps keep perspective and balance in life. Plus a little humor can nicely break up a day. This post on Best Life somehow found me, and well I just had to share. Number 13 is for all my writer friends while […]

What's wrong with my website?

What’s Wrong Whith My Site?

The other day I wrote on why small businesses need to have their own website and the very same day a client was asking me what was wrong with her site. Let me set the stage. She has gone over her site many times. Spent hours getting things just so. Reworking her content and massaging […]

Brand Survey Says….

Branding is a concept that has been around for a very long time.  Marketers will tell you that branding is key to your business’ success. And they are right. Every business has a “brand.” They may not have a logo, but they have a brand. A business’ brand is based on their reputation in the […]

LinkedIn – Is It Worth Connecting?

For years, there’s been two camps of folks on LinkedIn, those who are “open” to connecting and those who are not. The debate rages on and off throughout various groups and discussion boards. Much like other things in life, politics comes to mind, people get dug in on a position and feel the need to […]

July 2014 Small Business Survey - Websites

So what is the point of a website for a small business?

A good question. In addition to creating a “place” on the Internet for your business to live, some call it virtual real estate, your site should be the hub of your marketing plan. Even if your site is simply there to establish your credibility, it is an important asset for your business. A July 2014 […]

Business Plan - A plan or a plan to fail?

You Do Have A Business Plan, Right?

I have to admit that this week is already zipping by me. Short weeks after a long weekend always seem quick, but this one seems to be escaping me even more rapidly. So then I ran across this post from Melinda Emerson – “How to Fix What’s Wrong With Your Business Plan – You Have […]

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