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Sean D'Souza

Silent Elements of a Sales Page

Our good friend Sean D’Souza has done it again! It’s not really a surprise because Sean is one of the smartest marketers and copywriters I know. He’s a great person too. He recently penned an article for CopyBlogger  titled “3 Invisible Elements Your Sales Page Needs to Convert (One is Truly Unique)” in which he […]

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New LinkedIn mobile app

Updated LinkedIn App – Worth taking a look

If you use LinkedIn to promote your business and research clients, your life just got a little bit easier. Hooray! LinkedIn has updated and improved their mobile app so now not only can you research your connections, its much easier to connect in the first place. The streamlined profile page is easy to scan and […]

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How Food trucks can help your social media

How Can Food Trucks Help Your Business?

We’ve all seen them. You may have even picked up your lunch or dinner from one. They are a trending craze. Yes, I’ talking about gourmet food trucks. But how do they let their fans know when and where they will be? That’s right, many of these trucks use social media to get the job […]

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Google - Search Fair or Foul?

Has Google Gone Off the Rails?

A CNBC article caught my eye this morning: Has Google lost control of its anti-spam algorithm? The article talks about how Penguin and Panda have hurt some sites, mostly small business sites. And for the most part casts Google’s changes in a bad light. Toward the end of the article, the author includes this: Penguin […]

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Who are you anyway?

And, About Your About Page

We put up dozens of sites every year and one of the most common challenges business owners face is what to say on their “about” page. Steve Slaunwhite has nailed it in his recent post on LinkedIn. It’s a good quick read. Go check it out and let me know if your About page measures […]

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Spark an Idea for your business- tSMG

A Quick Lesson on Pricing

Those of you who know me well, know that I read a lot of Seth Godin’s work. For some (good) reason, he resonates with me. sometimes, I just don’t get what he’s saying, but most of the time he gets me to either think differently or discover something that I have not found before. And […]

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The Index or Menu?

Are you an Index or a Menu?

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Google - Search Fair or Foul?

Could Dual Identities Be Hurting Your Site’s Ranking?

SEO pros know that if Google sees two addresses for your website, your page rankings could be split. In SEO circles this is called the Canonical issue. While that does sound like a $10 word, the impacts on your sites ranking can be substantial. And yet there is a very simple fix that is easy […]

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The hub of your marketing plan

Most entrepreneurs and small  business owners are busy with the operations of their company. Sure they know they need to get visibility and let their customers know that they exist, who they are, and how to reach them. This would be all part of their marketing plan. But where should they start? Run an add […]

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Is your ideal customer hiding?

Who is your Ideal Customer?

I was talking with a friend of a friend who is opening up a restaurant in the Broad Ripple area of Indianapolis. After some light chat about what the restaurant looks like and what is on the menu, as frequently happens the conversation came around to marketing. I made the mistake of asking about his […]

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