Can Email Help you SEO?
Can Email Help you SEO?

I attended a neighborhood meeting the other evening and there was a discussion about search engine optimization, or SEO.

There was the normal tossing of mumbo jumbo around on what’s working and what’s not along with how Google was helping/hurting things with their updates. I was amused enough to just listen to the “experts” talk. It was an opportunity to find out what my clients are thinking.

One of the items that came up was weather email could help SEO or not. Of course emails are not ranked, so how can it help your SEO?

Ahh, if anything on the Internet was so isolated and disconnected.

Check out the article form Search Engine Land: 3 Simple Ways Email Can Drive SEO Results and see if you get an ah-ha or two.

Then come back here and share your thoughts. I’m interested to see what you are doing and how email may be able to help improve your SEO results.

To your focused progress.

Art Remnet - The Strategic Marketing Group

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