Case Study: Results from a $4,500 Ad Spend

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Case Study: $4500 Ad Spend Results

If you have been listening to the current “next big thing” in marketing your business, you’ve heard that Facebook ads are the bomb and can’t be beat.

Okay, so I’m a show me kind of guy and have seen the results. Facebook does have a great ad targeting setup, mostly due to extensive and detailed information they store about their users. The ad campaigns can be very very effective. And then not. It all depends on how they are setup.

But what about the places you can promote your content?

Social Media Today has recently posted a case study on just this topic. They spent a total of $4,500 on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Outbrain and analyzed the results.  You can read the full case study here.

They share some great information and some places that you will not want to advertise, unless you have really deep pocket and don’t really want measurable results from your spend.

So, where are you promoting your content? Or are you promoting it?

Here’s to your forward progress.


Art Remnet - The Strategic Marketing Group




PS Remember, “if you build it they will come” works well for past baseball players from years gone by in Iowa corn fields, but not so well online. If you want a larger audience to see your articles, you will need to promote them. If you’d like to discuss some affordable options, contact me.




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