Imagine Your Business…

Imagine your business for a moment - a post from The Strategic Marketing Group

Imagine your business as a journey. Marketing tactics are like the individual steps you take along the way—important, but without a clear strategy, you might find yourself wandering aimlessly. Here’s why putting marketing strategy first is the compass that guides you to predictable growth: Visionary Roadmap: A solid marketing strategy is your visionary roadmap. It […]

Fresh Herbs & Doing What We Do Well…Because

Your Business & Fresh Herbs

I read an interesting post by Seth Godin today titled Fresh Herbs. In it he talks about why restaurants don’t use fresh herbs and that it comes down to industrialization and profit margins. Seth goes on to point out how this relates to us and how we choose to do business. We may not ever […]

Uncertain Times – An Opportunity

Surfing Wipe-out Opportunity

There was a great post in one of the communities I belong to on staying positive in this time of uncertainty. Maybe I’m just an optimist (I have been told I am very “Pollyanna” at times – LOL), but I see a tremendous opportunity here that is just waiting to be taken advantage of by […]

SEO in a Nutshell: What should I do about SEO for my posts?

Clients and group members ask me all the time about ranking and SEO for their business blog posts and articles. After a while I (finally) recognized that I was giving the same SEO in a Nutshell answer over and over again. So, I said “Hey, maybe this is a good topic for a quick article!!” […]