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SEO In A Nutshell - How To Write Your Articles for ranking today, and tomorrow

SEO in a Nutshell: What should I do about SEO for my posts?

Clients and group members ask me all the time about ranking and SEO for their business blog posts and articles. After a while I (finally) recognized that I was giving the same SEO in a Nutshell answer over and over again. So, I said “Hey, maybe this is a good topic for a quick article!!” […]

How Do I Promote My Site

How Do I Promote My Site?

I get asked this all the time by clients and friends.  Promotion is not difficult. That’s not to say it is easy. It takes consistent work over time to create and curate the content you need to have a site that shows and indexes well. But, it is real do-able with a solid commitment. Then, […]

What keeps you from getting to the top?

Image Usage: How Do I Know What’s Legal?

Where do you get your images? IF you’re just searching on Google for them, you could get yourself in some hot water. About $3,000 per image of hot water. You see, most photos and images found online are copyrighted property of the photographer and or an agency. So, if you are using Google to find […]

Questions and choices.

Which Should You Choose: A Mobile or Responsive Website?

A new client recently asked what the difference is between a mobile friendly and a responsive website is. It’s a great question because like Like most fields, there are a lot of different terms used in the web design/development industry that mean slightly different things though they are used interchangeably. This causes a great deal […]

Competing like the buy guys

But How Do I Compete Like the Big Guys?

Good News! For most of us, we don’t have big name stores and chains that we compete with head to head. That’s not to say we don’t have competition, we do. It’s just not with multimillion dollar corporations with ad budgets bigger than our annual revenue. That doesn’t mean we can’t learn from the businesses […]

What's wrong with my website?

What’s Wrong Whith My Site?

The other day I wrote on why small businesses need to have their own website and the very same day a client was asking me what was wrong with her site. Let me set the stage. She has gone over her site many times. Spent hours getting things just so. Reworking her content and massaging […]

Brand Survey Says….

Branding is a concept that has been around for a very long time.  Marketers will tell you that branding is key to your business’ success. And they are right. Every business has a “brand.” They may not have a logo, but they have a brand. A business’ brand is based on their reputation in the […]

July 2014 Small Business Survey - Websites

So what is the point of a website for a small business?

A good question. In addition to creating a “place” on the Internet for your business to live, some call it virtual real estate, your site should be the hub of your marketing plan. Even if your site is simply there to establish your credibility, it is an important asset for your business. A July 2014 […]

Does Location Really Matter?

Does Location Really Matter?

We’ve all heard it, when it comes to real estate, what matters mist is: “Location. Location. Location” What about online businesses? Does location matter? In a recent Small Business Trends article notes a study from the Wharton School, Marketing Professor David Bell explained   What we’re finding is that it’s still about location, but this […]