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Does Location Really Matter?

Does Location Really Matter?

We’ve all heard it, when it comes to real estate, what matters mist is: “Location. Location. Location” What about online businesses? Does location matter? In a recent Small Business Trends article notes a study from the Wharton School, Marketing Professor David Bell explained   What we’re finding is that it’s still about location, but this […]

Video - how important is it?

So Who’s Watching Video?

We know that video is hot for both informing and attracting our clients, for web site ranking, and for entertaining. This recent study shows that almost 96% of South Koreans that go online stream digital video at least weekly. Every week! Okay, you say so what, your not in Korea or marketing strictly to Koreans? […]

Danger Ahead: Don’t Buy This “Conventional Wisdom”

We all like to hold onto what’s dear or known to us. We like to keep what we have or know and trust that it is correct. This is the danger of half truths and there are plenty in the business world. Small Business Trends recently published 3 Most Dangerous Half Truths in Entrepreneurship. I […]

Spark an Idea for your business- tSMG

Case Study: Results from a $4,500 Ad Spend

If you have been listening to the current “next big thing” in marketing your business, you’ve heard that Facebook ads are the bomb and can’t be beat. Okay, so I’m a show me kind of guy and have seen the results. Facebook does have a great ad targeting setup, mostly due to extensive and detailed […]

US Postal Service

What can you learn from the US Postal Service?

Yes, even the USPS can teach you a thing or two about marketing. No really. Just because the service is being eclipsed and marginalized in many ways doesn’t mean there aren’t lessons to be learned. My friend Cheryl Heppard has posted a great article on 4 lessons we can all learn from the Post Office. […]

Social Media - Questions Abound

Facebook Does it Again…

Earlier this month Facebook changed it’s rules again, this time preventing the once authorized “like-gating” and giving any incentives for people to like your page. Like-gating is the practice of making some one like your Facebook page before they can see content or enter a contest. Since the number of likes a page has directly […]

What's Mark Cuban Saying Today?

Want to be great in business?

I’ve long respected Mark Cuban for being a solid businessman and for shaking up the establishment. He is passionate about his business ventures and his life. If you ever want to see what I mean, take a look at Mark while he is watching his Dallas Mavericks play basketball. It’s fun. The other day Mark […]

How Food trucks can help your social media

How Can Food Trucks Help Your Business?

We’ve all seen them. You may have even picked up your lunch or dinner from one. They are a trending craze. Yes, I’ talking about gourmet food trucks. But how do they let their fans know when and where they will be? That’s right, many of these trucks use social media to get the job […]

Spark an Idea for your business- tSMG

A Quick Lesson on Pricing

Those of you who know me well, know that I read a lot of Seth Godin’s work. For some (good) reason, he resonates with me. sometimes, I just don’t get what he’s saying, but most of the time he gets me to either think differently or discover something that I have not found before. And […]

The Index or Menu?

Are you an Index or a Menu?