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Your Business & Fresh Herbs

Fresh Herbs & Doing What We Do Well…Because

I read an interesting post by Seth Godin today titled Fresh Herbs. In it he talks about why restaurants don’t use fresh herbs and that it comes down to industrialization and profit margins. Seth goes on to point out how this relates to us and how we choose to do business. We may not ever […]

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Surfing Wipe-out Opportunity

Uncertain Times – An Opportunity

There was a great post in one of the communities I belong to on staying positive in this time of uncertainty. Maybe I’m just an optimist (I have been told I am very “Pollyanna” at times – LOL), but I see a tremendous opportunity here that is just waiting to be taken advantage of by […]

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Are you even able to take a vacation?

Time off for mental health?

As professionals and business owners we tend to be thinking about our business a lot. Maybe too much. Vacations in the U.S. are not mandated as they are in Europe (4 weeks of paid vacation minimum in EU countries). Do the Europeans know something we don’t? At least it’s something to think about. Here’s a […]

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Time to take a break!

Time for a Quick Break?

Every once and a while having a little fun is a good thing. It helps keep perspective and balance in life. Plus a little humor can nicely break up a day. This post on Best Life somehow found me, and well I just had to share. Number 13 is for all my writer friends while […]

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Business Plan - A plan or a plan to fail?

You Do Have A Business Plan, Right?

I have to admit that this week is already zipping by me. Short weeks after a long weekend always seem quick, but this one seems to be escaping me even more rapidly. So then I ran across this post from Melinda Emerson – “How to Fix What’s Wrong With Your Business Plan – You Have […]

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Ever Lack Motivation?

Ever have on of those days that you just don’t want to get your ever growing “list” of things to do done? I sure do. I think everyone does. Even the people that get more done than any one else you know, have days where they just don’t want to work. It happens. It’s what […]

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The fix for our broken education system?

Found: Our Kids’ Path to Their Future?

With school starting this week in our area, today’s Huffington Post column by David Garfinkel stuck a cord with me and what we are or are not teaching our kids in school. I’ve long been critical of the education system in the US because of the way it has not evolved with the times. David […]

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Ode to the typewriter

Ode to the Typewriter

Last summer Tom Hanks took me down memory lane with an article in the New York Times on the sounds of a typewriter. When I was in grade school, I fondly recalled my Mom using both a manual and an electric typewriter for her term papers and master’s thesis. As a teen I remember using […]

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