SEO in a Nutshell: What should I do about SEO for my posts?

Clients and group members ask me all the time about ranking and SEO for their business blog posts and articles. After a while I (finally) recognized that I was giving the same SEO in a Nutshell answer over and over again. So, I said “Hey, maybe this is a good topic for a quick article!!” […]

What’s a hashtag?

Hashtags- What's the big deal?

First proposed in 2007 for use on Twitter, hashtags have become very main stream. So mainstream in fact, the famed Oxford Dictionary added “hashtag” in June 2014. As I recently discovered, not everyone who’s online knows about hashtags or uses them. I was recently asked by a client about hashtags, where they came from and […]

Is your site keeping up with the market?

It’s a funny thing with the Internet. New is cool, but that is so yesterday now. So what does that mean? Well it means that people want new and the latest, but once that’s done they move onto the next new and latest thing. And your business could be suffering the consequences. I’m the first […]

Is Https Really Worth It?

Google - Search Fair or Foul?

Last week Google’s Matt Cutts said the secure sites using the HTTPS protocol would get better rankings. This immediately caused people to panic. What’s HTTPS and what do I have to do to keep my ranking. There was even a post in an SEO Copywriting LinkedIn group asking if everyone was going to start recommending […]

Can Email Help Your SEO?

Can Email Help you SEO?

I attended a neighborhood meeting the other evening and there was a discussion about search engine optimization, or SEO. There was the normal tossing of mumbo jumbo around on what’s working and what’s not along with how Google was helping/hurting things with their updates. I was amused enough to just listen to the “experts” talk. […]

Has Google Gone Off the Rails?

Google - Search Fair or Foul?

A CNBC article caught my eye this morning: Has Google lost control of its anti-spam algorithm? The article talks about how Penguin and Panda have hurt some sites, mostly small business sites. And for the most part casts Google’s changes in a bad light. Toward the end of the article, the author includes this: Penguin […]

And, About Your About Page

Who are you anyway?

We put up dozens of sites every year and one of the most common challenges business owners face is what to say on their “about” page. Steve Slaunwhite has nailed it in his recent post on LinkedIn. It’s a good quick read. Go check it out and let me know if your About page measures […]

Could Dual Identities Be Hurting Your Site’s Ranking?

Google - Search Fair or Foul?

SEO pros know that if Google sees two addresses for your website, your page rankings could be split. In SEO circles this is called the Canonical issue. While that does sound like a $10 word, the impacts on your sites ranking can be substantial. And yet there is a very simple fix that is easy […]

Who is your Ideal Customer?

Is your ideal customer hiding?

I was talking with a friend of a friend who is opening up a restaurant in the Broad Ripple area of Indianapolis. After some light chat about what the restaurant looks like and what is on the menu, as frequently happens the conversation came around to marketing. I made the mistake of asking about his […]