Why use Freelance copywriters?
Mostly because they are trained industry experts who know your pains and what your clients want and need. Doesn’t that just make sense?

Leverage their experience…

Face it, no one can know it all. Not even us.

Sure, you can know a little about many topics and a lot about a few topics. But it is increasingly diffuicult to have a lot of depth in a large number of subject areas. There is just too much to know and the information, especailly in the technical worlds is expanding and evolving every day. Think back just 10 years – your business didn’t even need to have a website then! Today, you’re almost out of business without one.

The Team approach

To help overcome this shortfall, we have assembled a top notch team of industry specific copywriters and marketers to meet your online and direct mail copy needs. Our team of freelance copywriters have more than 50 years of combined experience in the financial services, health-care, technology, and professional services industries.

Most of these experts come from sales and management positions so they know the marketplace terminology and had lived the customer pains, personally.

This dynamic team allows us to provide you one-stop full service strategic marketing so you don’t have to use your limited time to manage and coordinate multiple vendors. Full service without the overhead and headaches. We keep it simple and make your life easier.

You get what you need

You need content, we deliver exclusive content for web pages, white papers, case studies, articles, auto-responder series, and blogs to you. In short, we can provide everything your marketing plan needs in the way of new copy and collateral or to supplement your existing marketing processes.

Contact us today to get yourself some fresh content – let us do the work for you