The fix for our broken education system?
The fix for our broken education system?

With school starting this week in our area, today’s Huffington Post column by David Garfinkel stuck a cord with me and what we are or are not teaching our kids in school. I’ve long been critical of the education system in the US because of the way it has not evolved with the times. David highlights one of the many private sector organizations that is providing a solid foundation for real change.

Leave it to David to discover what he calls a “Disruptive Visionary” as that is exactly what he has done for me ever since I met him in Las Vegas those many years ago. He has always been able to help me see things differently. And now with great concern for today’s youth, he shines that light on a challenge we all face: Education.

And while I agree that this is not a normal thing you’d read here, it does effect us – and your business.  I don’t pretend to have the answers to how to fix the education system in this country, any more than I pretend to have the answers to fixing our broken healthcare system. I do believe that we can all say that what we have is not serving us or our children very well.

What if we avoid the finger-pointing and territorial-ism and ask what can we do to give our kids a better chance in the world of tomorrow?

Scott Issne has done exactly that with Future Founders Foundation in Chicago.

Who’s the next person to follow Scott’s lead?

Moving forward to our future together…


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