How Do I Promote My SiteI get asked this all the time by clients and friends.
 Promotion is not difficult. That’s not to say it is easy.
It takes consistent work over time to create and curate the content you need to have a site that shows and indexes well. But, it is real do-able with a solid commitment.
Then, you promote that content by it via social media – esp on your business Facebook, and if your niche responds well to Twitter, tweet it out there too. Now, comes some more work on your part, you’ll want to find the active/busy sites and Facebook pages in your niche and post or comment on them. Provide value and don’t always link back to your site. This will build your reputation.
Then, once you have some solid content on your site, and ideally you are building a following, you start looking for leaders in your niche (like those same sites/FB pages you’ve been commenting on, hint, hint) and see if you can guest post on their site. Many times you will be able to get your content in front of their people with a well written article. Of course you get to link back to your site from the article. See how that can help you get in front of your audience?
So you are on your way! Congratulations!!
BUT (ya, you know that was coming if you’ve talked with me much) before you do ANY of that work, you need to know what you want from your site and investment of time and effort. I mean, what good it promoting your site, if you don’t know why you are promoting it?
Do you want to build a community of like minded people? Do you want to sell products, training, and or services to people? Do you want to build up enough traffic on your website so that people will want to advertise on it (e.g. pay you to put their ad on your site)?

What’s your desire outcome for your website?

Once you know that, then you can gear your site to support your “why.” Then, when you promote your site and people come to read it, you will be able capture their attention and get them on your list (you always want to build your list), so you can do what you wanted to do in the first place.
Now, go get busy!

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