“How many subscribers do you need to get money online?” is a question I’ve been asked many, many times. However, it’s an impossible question to answer accurately because of the wide range of variables to consider. But, know this – an online business needs to build a subscriber list to make money.

Are you stuck looking for the next side hustle or opportunity to start a business? For instance, do you browse your social media or YouTube? Then, one day, you see that your favorite creator has millions of followers? Further, do you wonder how they got to that point and how much money they get for each subscriber?

You’re not alone.


How We Consume Media

In the past, you may not have thought about using the internet as a lucrative income stream. In fact, thanks to the rise of digital technology and access to the internet, more people recognize that you can make money online. As a result, building an online business has become a primary source of income for many people. For this reason, it can happen to you. With this in mind, now it is time to take advantage of building and growing a successful online business.


How to Begin

The first step in building any business is to create an action plan. For example, research and find the best niche that suits your knowledge and skills. Next, create a bio by identifying what you want to be known for. Above all, remember that your reach will always be up to you. Therefore the mileage you will get will depend if you follow the steps we lay out in our free workbook (more about that later).

Next, determine the goals you have for your chosen niche. Most importantly, you need to evaluate where you want to be versus where you are now. Above all, an honest, careful assessment of your growth will allow you to focus on what needs to be done to reach your goals. Therefore, put in the time to research your chosen niche. As a result, you’ll discover some things about yourself while in the research stage of building your business.

Part of your research should include looking at your niche influencer of choice. For instance, how are they conducting their business? Check out their feed to see what type of interaction they provide.


How to Increase Email Subscribers

Think about this. Do you want to be a friend, a mentor, and someone who provides support and encouragement to your subscribers? If so, then landing the ideal subscriber will naturally come to you. Engagement and interaction are significant to your subscribers. Make them feel seen and heard. Be consistent in your communication. Always provide valuable, helpful content, and interact with them. Treat them special, and they will become loyal to you and your brand.

Building your subscriber list is not about selling. It is, but a small part of it. Know that your subscribers are coming to you, recognizing that they have a problem that needs to be solved and that you can provide the solution to that problem. Once you build the foundation for an organic community of ideal subscribers, everything will fall into place because the trust will be there.


So, How many subscribers do you need to get money online?

With that said, there is no definitive value as to how many subscribers you need to make money online. What is essential is that you are engaging and interesting enough for that list to grow. As long as you do the research upfront and follow through the entire process to build your email list, you will discover how to generate more money with a targeted list of loyal people who need what you have to offer.


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