Do you know how to start an email list from scratch to grow your business and revenue? Many brands establish customer loyalty by providing valuable content. However, new entrepreneurs may not know how to start an email list. Though there are many ways to do this, email marketing is one of the most effective and powerful ways to communicate with your target audience. Starting from nothing may seem impossible, so here are some great strategies about how to start.


How to Start an Email List from Scratch

Create a Call-to-Action (CTA) for Each Blog Post

Typically, when people visit your web page or blog posts, they have looked for a specific topic or content. This shows that your CTA responds to a particular and distinct need.

For example, if your analytics show that you get heavy traffic on your blog article “List of Effective Email Campaign Strategies,” you could direct those specific people to subscribe to your email list. You could include something like, “Click here to get a free copy effective email campaign strategies package.”


Use a Survey Pop-up

Timing is everything to get your audience to sign-up to your email list. To entice your audience to sign-up, make them an irresistible offer with your content. Let them read through your article to give them a sense that they are given something of value for free. Once they have read your content, such as a blog post, they are more than willing to answer a survey question because they are given a fair quid pro quo.


Use Social Media

Your email subscribers are not the only source of your online network. Stretch your reach into social media platforms and with your email signature. Perhaps you have a substantial amount of followers on Twitter, maybe a Facebook fan base. How about some businesses you have communicated with through email? Use them! Utilize those numerous and faithful connections to build an email list.

Consider the idea of placing an email newsletter on your business’s different social media platforms. You could also use your email signature to include a link to your blog post to direct them to the landing page with a CTA email subscription.


Use Premium Language to your CTA

Use language to your advantage and give value to your offer. Utilize words such as “Exclusive” or “Featured” with your offered products or materials. Say something such as, “Get a copy of our exclusive ebook today,” followed by an email subscription sign-up form. CTAs such as this let your audience know the value of what they’ll be getting if they provide you with their email address.

How to Get More Subscribers


Building your email list is vital to maintaining your online presence with your clients and customers.

To build your email list from nothing may seem overwhelming or impossible, don’t give up!

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