What keeps you from getting to the top?
What keeps you from getting to the top?

Where do you get your images?

IF you’re just searching on Google for them, you could get yourself in some hot water.

About $3,000 per image of hot water.

You see, most photos and images found online are copyrighted property of the photographer and or an agency.

So, if you are using Google to find your images or just want very good understanding of what you can use on your site or in your e-books, take a look at this 10 minute video my good friend David Perdew has just posted. David started and ran a stock photography site years ago so has a great understanding form an insider’s perspective. It’s is well worth the watch.

Not only will you learn something, but you will also have an opportunity to buy 200 stock photos from Davids personal collection. The video is a great resource in any case. Go watch and enjoy!



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