The Index or Menu?I read Seth Godin often.

Sometimes I’m amused. At other times I simply don’t understand what he’s trying to say. But more often than not I am challenged. And that’s why I read his posts. 

(Note to self, write posts that challenge the reader as often as possible.)

This particular post struck a chord for me. The difference between an index and a menu. Read his post before you continue here, I’ll wait.

(And yes, I know it’s dangerous to send you off to another place, you may not come back, but that’s a risk I have to take to make my point here.)

So, now you know the difference between an index and a menu. So what does your business deliver to your customers? Are you doing the hard part for them? Or are you just like the majority of your competitors who provide what they think they want, if they have a chance to think at all?

As service based businesses and entrepreneurs, we create. We provide a vision of what can be. I believe we have to (as in it’s our duty) help our clients dream and see the possibilities. Then guide them to reach those dreams. That’s why we are different. 

We have a set “menu” of skills we bring to the table.

We help our clients see the future after we bring our set of skills to the table. Then they can select from the menu of items we can provide. Will they want any of the entree’s? Maybe not. But when they do, now they are ready to really enjoy the success that can come from the “meal.”

It’s using these skills, the ones you are really good at and bring you the most satisfaction, that make your business worthwhile. Or at least it should be.

So what say you – are you an index or a menu?

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