It’s a funny thing with the Internet.

New is cool, but that is so yesterday now.

New is old...and now what?
New is old…and now what?

So what does that mean? Well it means that people want new and the latest, but once that’s done they move onto the next new and latest thing. And your business could be suffering the consequences.

I’m the first to admit that always creating new content is hard. It’s an ongoing process, and  like weeding your lawn, you’re never done. Like it or not, your site is alive and needs to be fed, or you will lose your search engine ranking. If your site is simply a brochure or business card site there to verify your business’ existence or as I like to say “make you real” then this is not really a worry for you. Ranking is not your primary objective, nor should it be. But that though is for another day.

Then really, who cares?

If your site has had good interaction and ranking and especially if that activity has led to sales, then this is a concern for you. Our friend Heather Lloyd-Martin penned a post on just this the other day. Check it out here.

Once you have taken a read, let me know in the comments below when the last time you reviewed your auto-responder copy and the rest of your marketing collateral as Heather suggests? Is it about time?

Keep your focus and move forward each day!

Art Remnet - The Strategic Marketing Group




PS – If you’d like some help in the review process, mention this post and I’ll give you half off my marketing review as my schedule permits. See? It pays to read the PS 🙂




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  1. Thanks for putting this challenge out there Kelly. It’s been an interesting journey and it’s actually been fun. Forward, ever forward!

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