Does Location Really Matter?
Does Location Really Matter?

We’ve all heard it, when it comes to real estate, what matters mist is: “Location. Location. Location”

What about online businesses? Does location matter?

In a recent Small Business Trends article notes a study from the Wharton School, Marketing Professor David Bell explained


What we’re finding is that it’s still about location, but this time it’s about the location of the customer. Where is that customer and with whom does that customer also live? That’s what’s really important in the world of eCommerce.

He continues by saying

more online companies are learning the importance of also operating offline. Of course, there are still benefits to operating online, says Bell. It makes it easier to reach large numbers of potential customers, makes fulfillment easier and makes it easier to scale your business. But it could be a mistake to only focus those efforts online.

The video interview in the article is well worth the watch as well.

So, since you are a local business owner (yes, even you chiropractors and dentists are in business, much to your chagrin), how are you using your local clients to build your marketing efforts? What is your next step in scaling your business?

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Here to keep you moving forward!

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PS – Here’s my question for you, how are you as a professional and local business owner using your clients to build your business? Quick. Don’t think about it, just answer. If you don’t have a quick answer, we need to talk soon. Call me: 888.469.4686

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