Most entrepreneurs and small  business owners are busy with the operations of their company. Sure they know they need to get visibility and let their customers know that they exist, who they are, and how to reach them. This would be all part of their marketing plan.

But where should they start?

Run an add in the local paper? Take out an ad in the phone book? Use social media?

The choices seem endless and confusing. Add a limited budget to the mix and the choices get even more difficult.

There is an answer though.

Most of  my clients have found that their marketing is easier and more cost effective when they use their website as the hub of their marketing plans. Let me explain why.

Markeitng plan hub: your website
The hub of your marketing plan – your website

Marketing is all about getting your message heard by your prospective client and then causing them to take some action. That action may be to pick up the phone and give your office a call, fill out a card requesting more information, visit your establishment, sign up for a no cost e-newsletter, or buy your product or service.

Today’s buyers are much more skeptical that in the past. People want to know more about what they are getting for their investment. The best and most economical place to define who you are and what you are about is your company’s website. When you use any of the other proven marketing methods, people expect to see a web address so they can find out more.

Your website is the place that you can update and answer their questions. It is the place they can reach out and contact you. And, it is the place you can build a relationship with them. No other medium provides all of these abilities. Further, all of the other marketing methods are enhanced by your website.

And, this may be the best part, you can update and add to your website for free. That’s right, even if you are not a techno-geek and don’t know a ting about HTML, PHP, or anything else “web” you can easily learn how to edit and update your site. Even at 2:33 in the morning when that very cool idea wakes you from a sound sleep.

Additionally, by using your website as the hub of your marketing, you can add any of the other marketing tools as you see fit. The best part is that you are in control and there are no boundaries on your marketing options.

Using a well constructed SEO friendly website that provides ways for your to interact with your prospects and clients give your the foundation to grow and market your business today and into the future. This is true, even if we don’t know exactly what that future looks like.

What are your thoughts on using your website as the hub of your marketing plans? Please share below or contact us directly.

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