Ode to the typewriter
Ode to the typewriter – A walk down memory lane

Last summer Tom Hanks took me down memory lane with an article in the New York Times on the sounds of a typewriter. When I was in grade school, I fondly recalled my Mom using both a manual and an electric typewriter for her term papers and master’s thesis. As a teen I remember using the typewriter (this was the 70’s so no Apple or PC was yet invented) to create a roster for a little league team I  helped coach. The feel and sounds. The scent of white out.

Those of you of a certain age are now rolling back in your own typewriter memories.

For you and the rest of you who never had the privilege of using a “real” typewriter,  Mr. Hanks has come to your rescue with his new free app HanxWriter. You guessed it, you can now get the sounds of typing on your iPad. Read the fun Techcrunch review

An enjoyable distraction for the weekend and maybe a walk down your own memory lane…


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PS What are you still doing here? Go get the app and have some fun. Oh and let me know what you think. It’s got a 4.5 star rating in the iStore






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