Online lead generation strategies include using various methods to build a robust and prosperous list of leads. In fact, to build a successful business, you need to consistently generate new leads. For example, a lead generation sales funnel is one way of targeting your audience. Next, it must convert any visitors into potential customers by getting them to complete a purchase.

In this article, you’ll learn the five stages of a lead generation sales funnel. In particular, you must know how a lead generation funnel works and apply it correctly to increase your revenue.


Online Lead Generation Strategies

Stages Of A Lead Generation Sales Funnel

Stage 1 Awareness

The first step of a lead generation sales funnel consists of building awareness of your brand. Next, you’ll introduce your business to potential customers. Then, let them know how you can solve their problems and needs.


Stage 2 Interest

Once you catch their attention and introduce your company, then it’s time to create more interest in your potential customer. Specifically, show your solution as a product. You can offer your visitors content such as ebooks, checklists, planners, and case studies. Most importantly, be aware that competitors also offer the same solution as you, therefore focus on telling them what makes you different. For example, why should they pick you? Specifically, this is the stage where you convince your potential customers on why yours is the best solution.


Stage 3 Decision

At this stage, the customer has decided that they will choose your product or service. A sales or landing page is where you state the most significant benefits of your product. Furthermore, you can offer discounts and other incentives or bonuses to enhance your product.


Stage 4 Purchase

Now, this is the stage where your audience completes the purchase. In this case, your biggest goal is to ensure that they complete the purchase and reduce the cart abandonment rates. It’s important to realize that abandoned cart best practices include using a checkout progress indicator so your customers know where they are at the purchase process. With this in mind, ensure the navigation process between the cart and store is easy, offers discounts and promotions, and allows guest checkout.


Stage 5 The Repeat Customer

Once your customer completes a purchase, it is time to take all the necessary measurements to make sure those first-time customers become regular ones. For one thing, you can offer promotions such as birthday discounts, announcing new arrivals with a pre-launch discount, and special sales bundles. Next, create a membership program where they can gain points and redeem them for prizes. If they experience any trouble purchasing a product, problems accessing their purchases, or other issues they encounter, provide excellent customer service and solve their problems quickly.

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