Is your site keeping up with the market?

It’s a funny thing with the Internet. New is cool, but that is so yesterday now. So what does that mean? Well it means that people want new and the latest, but once that’s done they move onto the next new and latest thing. And your business could be suffering the consequences. I’m the first […]

Google - Search Fair or Foul?

Is Https Really Worth It?

Last week Google’s Matt Cutts said the secure sites using the HTTPS protocol would get better rankings. This immediately caused people to panic. What’s HTTPS and what do I have to do to keep my ranking. There was even a post in an SEO Copywriting LinkedIn group asking if everyone was going to start recommending […]

Can Email Help you SEO?

Can Email Help Your SEO?

I attended a neighborhood meeting the other evening and there was a discussion about search engine optimization, or SEO. There was the normal tossing of mumbo jumbo around on what’s working and what’s not along with how Google was helping/hurting things with their updates. I was amused enough to just listen to the “experts” talk. […]

Toxic People

Are Toxic People Holding You Back?

We all know toxic people. They like to gossip as a sport, spread their misery around, and of course exaggerate to the point of lying. These people tend to leave us drained and feeling like we just want to get away. Small Business Trends recently posted an article on the effects of toxic people in […]

What's Mark Cuban Saying Today?

Want to be great in business?

I’ve long respected Mark Cuban for being a solid businessman and for shaking up the establishment. He is passionate about his business ventures and his life. If you ever want to see what I mean, take a look at Mark while he is watching his Dallas Mavericks play basketball. It’s fun. The other day Mark […]

What me write an article?

What me write an article? No can do!

So I hear from my clients all the time that they don’t have anything to say so they can’t blog or write articles as I prefer to say. But yet, they talk to their friends and prospective clients about “stuff” all the time. So which is right, do they not have anything to say or […]

Sean D'Souza

Silent Elements of a Sales Page

Our good friend Sean D’Souza has done it again! It’s not really a surprise because Sean is one of the smartest marketers and copywriters I know. He’s a great person too. He recently penned an article for CopyBlogger  titled “3 Invisible Elements Your Sales Page Needs to Convert (One is Truly Unique)” in which he […]

New LinkedIn mobile app

Updated LinkedIn App – Worth taking a look

If you use LinkedIn to promote your business and research clients, your life just got a little bit easier. Hooray! LinkedIn has updated and improved their mobile app so now not only can you research your connections, its much easier to connect in the first place. The streamlined profile page is easy to scan and […]

How Food trucks can help your social media

How Can Food Trucks Help Your Business?

We’ve all seen them. You may have even picked up your lunch or dinner from one. They are a trending craze. Yes, I’ talking about gourmet food trucks. But how do they let their fans know when and where they will be? That’s right, many of these trucks use social media to get the job […]

Google - Search Fair or Foul?

Has Google Gone Off the Rails?

A CNBC article caught my eye this morning: Has Google lost control of its anti-spam algorithm? The article talks about how Penguin and Panda have hurt some sites, mostly small business sites. And for the most part casts Google’s changes in a bad light. Toward the end of the article, the author includes this: Penguin […]