So, you want to learn about marketing on the Internet and writing copy?

The world’s leading web copywriting and marketing training organization AWAI (American Writers & Artists Inc.) has all of the programs that you need to become an expert. Their offerings are a combination of home study and interactive training sessions include active forums and support from the program authors. AWAI is an incredible resource.

Almost all of our copywriters are graduates of the AWAI programs, which is why we work with them. They know their stuff. I personally have completed all of the courses that I am recommending below and many others as well. Their material is second to none.

Want to market your organization?

We know the more you learn about copywriting, the more you will value what we do for you at The Strategic Marketing Group. So to prove it, we’ve opened up our copywriting and marketing resource library to you.

The AWAI has a catalog of more than two dozen copy and marketing related courses. We have listed the ones we refer to most often.

Of course these home-study programs do take an investment of time to learn and apply. You can always stay focused on what you do best, and let us do the rest of your marketing and copywriting.

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