What does your business need?

Before we begin the actual work we do for you, we first need to discuss with you what you need from us. To us, it makes little sense to put “packages of services” together so that you have to take services that you don’t need just to get the ones you do.

We talk with you first.

Our initial conversations will help us determine if we can provide you the services you need – the services that will give you a return on your investment with us. After all you will be investing time and money into your marketing programs. They need to pay off, right?

Once we have determined that we can help your business by partnering with you, we will send you a proposal to review. Once you are ready to move forward with the proposal, we will get started. We require a 50% deposit for us to begin working on your project for two reasons. First there are costs that we incur (staff research time, copy creation, website analysis, etc.) that must be paid. Second and maybe more importantly, it shows us that you are ready to move ahead. That you are committed to the plan that we have developed.

As the project proceeds you will know exactly where we are in the process. If you have questions, please ask us. We will create a better result if everyone is on the same page. Remember this is a partnership. we work with you to accomplish your company’s objectives.

What We Do.

We provide services that position your company as a leader in the market place. Market leadership is what brings you more prospects and clients/customers, and those people are the ones who buy your products and consume your services.We use the following skills to accomplish this:

Using these skills, we tailor programs for your business specifically to:

  • Update your marketing plan to target the right prospects using the right media
  • Optimize your lead/prospect generation and capture processes
  • Build and strengthen your prospect and client relationships through education
  • Position you and your company as a market/thought leader for your niche
  • Enhanced ROI through analysis and tracking.
  • Measure your results to improve your conversions
  • Know what works and what does not in your market segment

How Do We Do It?

We review what you are doing now, see where it can be improved and then present you with a plan to capture and convert more leads or strengthen your existing client relationships.

Most of our clients find there are a few little things they can do to make a big difference in their bottom line. And we help them get these thing done by:

  • Focusing your marketing message(s).
  • Writing more good educational and helpful content for your website and marketing collateral.
  • Establishing you as the go-to expert in your market place (and show you ways to still have time for your family).

How well is your marketing plan currently serving you and your organization?

Ready to find out more? Contact us