Why is Copy important?

Written copy is what delivers your marketing messages to your prospects and your current clients. This is especially true for Professional Service Providers (freelancers, copywriters, financial advisors and planners, attorneys, etc.) and Small Business Owners. Since the fall of 2009 when Google enhanced their “local search” the importance of owning an optimized website has never been more critical to your success.

Copywriters are the key

This targeted copy is part of your website, in your sales collateral, or part of your direct mail campaigns.

Everywhere this copy shows up, it has one objective: to educate and persuade the reader to take an action. That action may be to request a free report or case study or it could be to request a sales call.

The point is that the copy has a specific purpose. That purpose needs to tie back to your strategic marketing plan to be most effective.

The Strategic Marketing Group crafts purposeful and effective copy for every facet of your marketing plan. This includes copy for:

  • Relationship Nurturing or Lead Generation (auto-responder series and “drip marketing” campaigns)
  • White Papers and Case Studies
  • Sales brochures and marketing collateral
  • Your website:
    • subject pages
    • landing pages
    • sales pages
    • usability best practices
  • Blog postings
  • Email marketing & newsletters
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads

Would integrated copywriting help your organization secure more leads and improve your market position?

We believe it will – see if we are right.

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