Do you know the best platform to sell online courses? The digital world provides people the chance to explore their interests and hobbies in their time. It enables people who have businesses and startups to acquire skills and knowledge like never before. For these reasons, online courses have become widespread. In a way, e-learning itself has become a lucrative industry. Curators of online courses have begun to employ specific strategies to get more people to enroll in their programs. There have also been debates regarding the best platform to sell eCourses.

The answer to that is it depends on your preferences. Some people may prefer to set everything up themselves. Others may feel more at ease by selling their eCourses from an established platform.


What is the Best Platform to Sell Online Courses?

When it comes to platforms that host online courses, there are multiple categories. Some cater to small businesses providing online learning. These include Teachable, Thinkific, Podia, and many others. Advantages of using these platforms center on security and control since they enable clients to have some jurisdiction over their data. Most of them offer discounts or free trial options.

For those who find the DIY approach overwhelming, Kartra and Kajabi are examples of platforms you may choose. Also, WordPress allows you to host online courses by adding plug-ins.

Lastly, other popular platforms for e-learning, such as Udemy and Skillshare, allow you to put up your courses on their website for minimal transactional fees. However, they place the control on how much you can price your offerings.


What Platform Works with Your Marketing Strategies

An important thing to consider in choosing the best platform to sell online courses is which website will work best with your marketing strategies. If you are thinking of hosting a webinar or sending out email blasts, make sure that the platform is accessible and caters to your marketing strategies. It also helps to consider how well the platform performs on social media.


Use Free Resources to Your Advantage

While choosing which platform to host your courses has a wide range of factors. It always helps to plan. After all, your decision can be influenced by how fast you want subscriber or learner to access their eCourse. It can also be affected by the marketing strategies you wish to use or the date of a free webinar you want to organize. Social Media also provides you with an opportunity to market your eCourse for free. Of course, you can purchase social media among other ads. However, some people have success with using social media for free.

eCourse Launch Blueprint



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