Time to take a break!Every once and a while having a little fun is a good thing.

It helps keep perspective and balance in life. Plus a little humor can nicely break up a day.

This post on Best Life somehow found me, and well I just had to share. Number 13 is for all my writer friends while 6, 7, 21, and 31 all made me smile. You can add them to your “think and grin” lines for your next client or family gathering. It’s always nice to have a quick quip in the back o your head.

It’s worth clicking through as long as you don’t let yourself get lost on the site.

Okay, now you had your fun, get back to your day.

Helping you move your business forward, ever forward!

Art Remnet - The Strategic Marketing Group



PS – No really that is all. Go be productive!




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