There was a great post in one of the communities I belong to on staying positive in this time of uncertainty.

Surfing like business, is Opportunity laden
Surfing like business, is Opportunity laden 

Maybe I’m just an optimist (I have been told I am very “Pollyanna” at times – LOL), but I see a tremendous opportunity here that is just waiting to be taken advantage of by smart business owners.

And still having a positive outlook and looking for the opportunities in every situation has served me well in my life. So, why does this situation change that view point? I don’t believe it does.

Sure, things will be different once we get released from the “safer at home” orders. As a business owner, you know that business is a lot like surfing: you catch a wave and ride it as long as you can. Sometimes you ride it all the way to shore. Other times you miss the wave entirely. And then there are those times you wipe out. That’s all part of being a business owner. In very case, unless you quit, you paddle back out and get ready for the next set of waves and start the process again.

It doesn’t matter if you are a real estate agent, a dentist, a plumber, a coach, service provider, or have an online business. The process is the same. Change happens on a market and you adapt to those changes and continue on. Or you retool and move on. Or you could retire.

My question is always how can I serve the new/evolving business community?

The Coronavirus pandemic is a huge disrupter for business around the world. There will be a new normal once the second wave has passed. And still, there is always an opportunity to serve.

What do we know?

There are some facts we do know and a few things won’t change. People will still need goods and services. To wit: we are to all going to go back to growing all of our own food; we are not going to build/repair/buy our homes; vehicles will need to be insured and maintained; our hair will need to be cut, styled and colored; our nails will need to be painted, our cavities will need to be filled and our teeth straightened, etc. These are opportunities for business.

And people will still have jobs or create an income in some way. Which means they will have money to purchase goods and services, right?

The Opportunity

This also then means businesses will find a way to fill the needs of those people who have money. And thus, I will have customers (clients) who need my help in getting people “in the door” even if that door is a virtual one.

What the changes will be may still an unknown – and still we do know some things. And there is always an opportunity to serve…

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Photo by Guy Kawasaki on Unsplash

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