US Postal Service
What can you learn from the US Postal Service?

Yes, even the USPS can teach you a thing or two about marketing. No really.

Just because the service is being eclipsed and marginalized in many ways doesn’t mean there aren’t lessons to be learned. My friend Cheryl Heppard has posted a great article on 4 lessons we can all learn from the Post Office. To be frank, if it had not been written by Cheryl, I would passed right over the article in my LinkedIn feed.

The article is all about crafting your message for the clients that you want to work with and making sure it gets read. A good piece you should spend a few minutes reading through.

Once you have read it through, share who you are targeting with your blog posts/article updates in the comment below. I bet there will be some common audiences. And any good content marketer knows, if there are common clients there’s a way to create a win-win-win from readers and writers alike.

To you focused progress!

Art Remnet - The Strategic Marketing Group




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