Use the power of social influence on marketing your business. We have all been in a spot where we wished we were as famous and rich as celebrities. But what if there is a key to become just that minus the celebrity part? After all, not everyone wants to be famous. Most of us want success.

Enter the social influence phenomenon, a trend in psychology that may explain why some people can be so influential despite being in the same place of life as we are. In this article, I will be explaining what social influence is and how you can use it to your advantage in building a profitable online business.


What is Social Influence?

Social influence is also known as social proof. It’s a psychological phenomenon in which people base their decisions on what those around them have chosen. It assumes that if others made a particular choice, there must be a good reason for it. When people look at your social proof, it makes a powerful impact. It creates trust.


How do I integrate the social influence on marketing into my online business?

Good question! When you are starting a business, you typically begin with only yourself. That’s okay! Most successful businesses and companies nowadays begin with one person’s idea and initiative. They eventually evolve into a group of people who are passionate about something.

The lesson here is to expand your circle as soon as possible. Grow your social influence by growing your social media platforms. Be seen everywhere online that your ideal audience is. Once your business gains traction, word of mouth will do its thing, and that is the power of social influence on marketing in action.

The more people buy your products, the more testimonials you can get. Put these testimonials on social media and websites to provide and grow your social influence. The power of online reviews is vast!


Consider your purchasing habits. If you purchase a product or program online, don’t look at their website, reviews, and what their social media followers say about them. If you couldn’t find anything about the person and their products, doesn’t it make you think twice about investing in them?

Look at your business from the viewpoint of a potential new customer. Build a relationship that allows them to know, like, and trust you. Display what other people say about your products, which will go a long way in social influence sales.


What Is Social Influence On Marketing?


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