What me write an article?So I hear from my clients all the time that they don’t have anything to say so they can’t blog or write articles as I prefer to say. But yet, they talk to their friends and prospective clients about “stuff” all the time.

So which is right, do they not have anything to say or are they just thinking too much?

I’ll submit to you that it’s the latter and here’s why. When you are talking with someone or replying to an email, you are in question response mode. So you are engaged and answering their question or brainstorming ideas.

Now when you sit down to “write something” you mind starts to think about what to say. And you stare at that blank page for seemingly hours. Or, you freeze up because you think you can’t write,  your article has to be perfect (so you never start), you don’t have time, or my personal favorite: no body cares what you have to say.


I’m not buying it. Not one little bit.

Here’s the secret to writing for your website, write like you talk. If you want, bring a recorder and record you telling your clients what you do and then use that as your site content. If you are selling your products and or services to your clients, then you have a message they want to hear.And it you are time challenged (welcome to that club), record yourself while you are driving from here to there. Oh and don’t get tripped up on the recorder thing, use your phone. Every smart phone I have seen has a record feature built right in to it.

You have found a need that your product/service fills, right? You have made some sales (even if you worked for free, you still have a client and they used your work, that is a “sale.”)

So stop holding back and give the people what they want! Tell them – I bet they listen.

So, in the comment below, give me your reasons (e.g. excuses) why you can’t write articles for your site.

Stay focused and write an article for your site this week.

Art Remnet - The Strategic Marketing Group



P.S. If you want to clear out the cobwebs, take a brisk walk for 15 minutes and then write your article. The blood flow and oxygen will do both you and your brain good.

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