“I don’t know where can I submit my blog to get more traffic” is a top inquiry that new bloggers want to know. You can make money with a blog – especially if you know how to leverage it to be seen beyond your website.


If you are passionate about writing, blogging is a great way to make money. Especially with the world being digital, more people are online to do almost everything, for instance, anything from entertainment to earning money. Therefore, if you are looking for ways to make money online and have excellent writing skills, blogging is the right choice for you. First, begin with the best blogging sites to make money if you are serious about it.


Where can I Submit My Blog to Get More Traffic, you ask?

Here are the three best blogging sites where you can sign up and make money with a blog:

1. Medium

Medium is popular with both bloggers and readers. For this reason, this platform is a top blogging site because of its user-friendly interface. As a result, anyone can sign up for an account, browse articles on the forum, and publish blogs without paying a fee. Although you can choose to pay the membership for more features, you can use its free offer as long as you want. Moreover, Medium doesn’t have complicated buttons or pages. Once your profile is up, you can start publishing your articles to jumpstart your blogging career.

However, to earn on Medium, you have to sign up for its partner program. Comparatively, this program pays bloggers when their articles gain views from the public. As a result, Medium gets the money it pays to the writers from the membership fees paid by the readers. So, writers get a portion of the readers’ membership fees.


2. Blogger

One of the three best blogging sites to make money is Blogger. It has been there since Google. And, you guessed it, Google owns this platform. To begin with, bloggers can start by signing up for a blogger account, then set it up on their website. Plus, Blogger has free templates that you can use to make your website more presentable. If you don’t find a template that matches your taste, you can use free templates from a third party.

Unlike Medium, Blogger doesn’t have a partner program. But you can install Google AdSense and link it to your blogger account. For instance, you will use AdSense to monetize your account. With this in mind, Blogger offers this monetization program for free. As long as you stay active with your blogging journey, you will earn more money in this industry.


3. WordPress

Now, let’s get to the paid platform. After all, not everything about being a blogger is provided for free. If the free platforms like Medium and Blogger don’t work, you have the option to use WordPress. This is the most popular platform for website owners. Plus, it’s pretty easy to manage, and everything is ready once you have your admin account.

There are available plug-ins that you can use to connect to your WordPress blog. For instance, check out AdRotate if you plan on using WordPress to start blogging.

In conclusion, these are the three best blogging platforms you can use to get your blog seen by more people. You may discover more in the future.

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