So you are a local business whose clients are mainly local, why do you need a website?

Maybe you don’t.

Let’s see if that is true. When was the last time that you used your copy of the Yellow Pages or the phone book in general? Now, you might be old-school and continue to use “the book” and that’s all good. Ask your kids, or even better ask the next 10 clients or prospects when they last used “the book”

If they answer is “within the last couple of weeks” and you have enough business to keep you happy, then you don’t need a website.

If, however, you or your clients do not use “the book” or you could use some additional business, then maybe you could use a website. Yes, you are local, but that does not mean people aren’t looking on-line for the products and services you provide. And, if you are not there on-line, they will get what you sell from someone else. It’s that simple.

A website should be the hub of your marketing plan. Print, media, direct mail, and on-line marketing efforts can all center around your website providing your prospective clients the best possible experience and a memorable way to keep in touch with you.

We submit to you that you cannot afford to not have a website. An optimized website that attracts the specific clients you are looking to work with and helps you build relationships with them.  while not holding you hostage to a webmaster. You need to be able to manage your own website to the level you want. Even if it is 2:13 in the morning.

Once you have your website in place, you can then begin to reach out to the pools of your prospective clients by using social media tools like blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Without a website, you have no place to attract these people and certainly no good way to allow them to contact you. That is just one of the reasons you need that website.

We can get you set up “Pretty Dang Qwik” too. As our sister site explains we will set you up with a site, take care of all the technical stuff and then show your how to drive your optimized website. If you’d prefer to “ride” instead of drive, we have you covered then as well.

Let us do the work for you – contact us so we can get your started today!