Business Plan - A plan or a plan to fail?
Business Plan – A plan or a plan to fail?

I have to admit that this week is already zipping by me. Short weeks after a long weekend always seem quick, but this one seems to be escaping me even more rapidly.

So then I ran across this post from Melinda Emerson – “How to Fix What’s Wrong With Your Business Plan – You Have One, Right?” and the world just stopped. If I had a dime for every client I said this to, I’d be Bill Gates. Alright, 25% of Bill Gates, but still fairly well taken care of, right?

She makes 4 really solid points and addresses how you can start correcting the challenges you face. Yes, challenges you face because it is your business, right? So take a look at her post and, if you dare share, let me know which of the 4 points she nailed you with, She got me with #3 and I need to work on that as the 4th quarter is coming very quickly.

To moving you and your business forward.


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